Race like Schumacher Experience

If you've always harbored a secret, or maybe not so secret, wish to be a Formula 1 race car driver (and, let's face it, most of us have) then this are certain to get your juices flowing. Allow the glitz, the glamour and the glory of the checkered flag and winner's podium fill the mind, and the smell of high-octane gas and a flame-retardant racing suit fill your nostrils as you put pedal to the metal with SpinoutDay.com's Race Like Schumacher Experience.

Go Karting Miami

Many Formula 1 legends started their illustrious careers about the karting circuit before graduating to some racing car, and this is your opportunity to follow the inside the footsteps of tons of drivers in the reputation F1; it's real racing, over a real race track, with real people who want to win up to you do. Strap yourself in and drop the throttle in high gear, since it just doesn't get any better this!

From the time you arrive at the purpose-built, championship karting centre, with its 10-mile race track, one of a kind configurations, hairpin bends and straights that may give you the opportunity to really place your foot to the floor, you can expect an experience that you will never forget.

Our friendly and professional staff are proud of offering a first-class customer service, to make your day extra special. In addition to expert one-to-one driving tuition, you will be given insider racing and driving suggestions to help maximize your likelihood of success once you hit the track for the first race for the day. But don't forget, once you discover the green light - it's a GO - and then it's just you and the machine. Your adrenalin will probably be pumping long after you go home - count on me! This is a Spinoutday you won't forget in a hurry. Go Kart Racing Florida

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